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  • Bookings Manager

  • Job/Project Tracker

  • Staff Management

  • Customer Database

  • Stock Control

  • Questionnaire Builder

  • Recruitment Board

  • ‘Paper-free’ Document Manager

  • SMS/Email Notifications

  • Calendar Overview

  • Customer Login

  • Work force ‘chat’

  • Stock Control

  • HR Portal

  • Job Quotation

Building a software to full fill all of your business requirement & don’t worry if we think you’re missing something, we’re there to help guide you to the perfect solution.

Despite having numerous systems already in place that we can customise and mould to suit your business model, we understand that every business is different and what may work for one company may complete fail for another.

Here at Prodigy Global we’ll listen to your needs as a business and help you to build the software that’ll revitalise your organisation. Choose the foundations of your software from our extensive list of options, whether you require just one or the whole list, we’ll build the software to include your companies aesthetics.

Unlike most companies we won’t charge you any upfront ‘registration fee’, and you’ll work on a monthly payment plan.